Also available

Also available

Dance instruction

Weekly classes in Moon Dance Studio (see schedule).

Workshops (technique or choreography) and choreography also by special order.

Also private classes.

Solo or group coaching available: come and polish your performance to an even finer radiance!


Order a unique dance performance for your special occasion! Sinuous and enchanting Oriental Dance or energetic cabaret Burlesque-ish performance are well suited for various occasions to entertain you and your guests!

Making a splendid performance

Preparing a performance is a time-consuming process including several stages. First, you choose and aqcuire the music, then, you prepare the routines and train them well as well as design the necessary adaptations. Designing and sewing the costumes also takes time, effort and money as everything is made by hand – either here in Finland or in Cairo, Egypt.

Getting ready for the actual performance is also quite a project, beginning with the makeup and ending with the coiffure. No wonder then, that a high-quality performance is not inexpensive. As on many other occasions, the rule is that high quality is well worth the price, but it is also worth remembering that a well prepared, brilliant performance makes for a unique climax on a very special occasion!

Costume design and sewing

Costume design, sewing and tuning: have a new costume or remake an old one!

And if you'd like a change from dance wear, you can also order what passes as normal wear for non-dancers.

Sidetracked in Finnish and English

Translations and proof reading Finnish–English–Finnish.

updated 19.12.2020

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